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Petrenko A.Y.

bakalavr of psychologies dep,

Kramatorsk economic-humanitarian

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Deviantn conduct on the whole, as an index of the psycho-somatic state and investigation of maintenance and terms of socialization of consciousness of children, in quantitative determination and after antisocial maintenance modernly exceeded a supply usual denotations of constituents of the public state, becomes the threatening social phenomenon really.

P. Berger and T. Lukman [1] distribute socialization on primary and second. In relation to children and teenagers is determining primary socialization. Having a special purpose its tasks is providing of proof property, that reflect features of present mutual relations and social thought, the psyche of child of leading psychological options and practical skills in concrete society. It is considered that exactly they must provide the successful including, age-old correction, and, certainly is successful existence in real society in the age-old state of the grown man. Completion of this forming is determined acquisition of formed for the child of own subjective «I am» and (internal) world. That, the period of primary socialization has after a remoteness individual denotations and determined, on the whole, by the determining functional psycho-somatic state. What becomes lead in the next use the psyche of his functional possibilities, in relation to internationalization of information from  outwardly. A feature in this age-old period is dependence of informative maintenance of forming on external factors, in particular, from prevailing of terms and maintenance of influence of the world of adults which determine motion and richness of content of primary socialization.

From position of evolutional consideration of results of the newest researches of genetic direction it foresees determining existence in primary socialization of the ontogenetic purchased component. And, without regard to an ambiguous professional relation, to deny the presence of the evolutional purchased  and genetically represented experience, as ascending quality of psyche at birth, modernly difficultly. Sure, it touches children, born with the uncompromised psycho-somatic state, as his  natural constituent which in social determination exists as the state of health (corporal, psychical, spiritual).

In research reports, executed mainly professionally separately, from psychology, sociology, pedagogics, criminalistics for the last decades  the richness of content is investigational and plenty of information is professionally generalized  about the causal motive of social and other factors to the origin of rejections of conduct, mainly in teens. Researches from age-old physiology concentrate attention on disharmony of age-old cerebrally endocrine alteration of functions, asynchronicity of the sexual ripening, variants of functional inferiority of the nervous system. But still there is not grounded enough in relation to public and, in particular, an educationally teaching practice of determination of the ascending psycho-somatic state of children and explanation, discovered in numeral multi-faceted researches, purchased functional (disadaptational) disorders of display of psyche for junior under-fives and signs  of personality deformation for the children of senior preschool age. As well as copula of gradually successive influence of these disorders on the richness of content of forming  of deviant signs of conduct in school age and «bellicose spiritual impoverishment» [2] for adults. Without regard to that primary professional interference with the psycho-somatic state of child is carried out by teachers (and practical psychologists), and already then are clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, medical specialists and law-enforcement and social services, as a rescue measure.  Sure, parents are the constituent of this interference, as initially leading diagnostic and educate factor, preliminary semantically formed in those terms and «finished» off with age social and other experience (second socialization).

At forming establishing vision of problem questions of socialization of children, by both a specialist and researcher-beginner, besides, as to the object of attempts of educationally teaching their experimentally existent  forming (in present social terms), it was found out, that in researches and in development  of prophylactic and correctings the deviant conduct of measures, the system is not enough. That, in researches and in a professional and social estimation, modernly and the preliminary got results, their combination with understanding of essence and (age-old) features (пато-) of physiology  and medical-psychological richness of content of dynamics of clinical- is needed and socially manifested its display, as consequences. As that modernly it is topically needed for forming of integral, practically directed, picture of child and it social status, as a determining corporal transmitter of gift of society. Awareness of actual public relation to childhood, which modernly induces (not only) because for the last decades of self-destruction of children (how variant of deviant conduct -?) 5-12 years grew age in 8 times.

In fact, declarative, the practically directed constituent of task of primary socialization are rich in content studies of psyche of child to the analytically comparative  choice of variant explained, in accepted of final decision and method of his realization. In modern reality are the inertia attempts of programming of consciousness of children on the use of standard existent stereotypes in hard administrative but other limits, still lead on this time, presentations from social but other public experience of the pas. In which, in the conditions of historically transitional period, prevailing of signs of chaos levels the moral constituent of socialization a substitution its pseudovariants (double moral). Coming from it, there are grounds to examine an existent age-old deviant conduct, also, in two ways. At first, as a reflection of existence and actual place in public consciousness (but to maintenance) of the undeclared attitude toward children. And, secondly, as an age-old feature of child's psyche – individually outlined ability, in this age-old period, to the united analytical comparison  of possibilities intuitional, directed on a survival, knowledge of ontogenetic and already purchased experience, with the richness of content of influence of the real reality. In social determination, as a natural age-old requirement in the use of base maintenance of moral in the real life. And then, a deviant conduct is a protective measure of the gifted psyche of child, explained the real threat to the natural existence. It an attempt-investigation to rotin is forced, in a dynamics threatening life of the psycho-somatic state (health) and even cost life, to do social maintenance of imperative persistence children only such which modernly (declaring other) are adults. And non-standard visions of problems, acceptance of decisions, methods of their realization are overwhelming quality those, who succeeded to save and develop the naturally purchased gift and not become, in the conditions of modernly semantic socialization, by the public transmitters of «syndrome former to infant prodigy».

Without regard to polemicness, stated here induces specifications in the modern distributing separately of of a particular branch and professionally professional  responsibility for the state and richness of content of prophylactic, корекційних, rehabilitation and resocializational measures in complex counteraction modernly to harmful, publicly deviant, achievement of the pas. Society already has enough warrants and to experience for finding out, understanding, conclusions and their practical use, coming from that девіантна conduct, polymorphism its display, as well as essence and structure of usual morbidity, - it, mainly, social originally and moral on maintenance corporal displays-consequences of disorder of psychical, and modernly all anymore already spiritual constituent of intellectual health of society. And exactly, about the deficit of spirituality and public necessity of living moral, in the conditions of absence of effective alternative, testify numeral growth of congregation and amount of associations and associations of religious, subreligious and pseudoreligious direction.

Therefore, urgent in relation to modern and future, passing ahead at the decision of primary public questions, humanity of maintenance and terms of primary socialization of consciousness of children must become, as a component conceptual base of national idea.

    It is expounded, in combination with results executed by us, in relation to a gift, research of deviant conduct and analytical comparison of maintenance of its quantitative modern prevalence with results, known from literary sources, previous after a term researches, allows to do the followings conclusions:

-at first, we reached to modernly ponderable, in relation to education and studies, to the conclusion that among children, born psycho-somatic healthy, the determining ungifted does not exist practically;

-secondly,  primary socialization of psyche of children practically justified to examine as a leading constituent in the age-old forming of motivational sphere, which, then,  mainly determines the state and orientation of social thought and effective conduct during life;

-thirdly, forming of social qualities of child is determined it psychotype, by humanity of richness (professional)  of content of an educationally educate influence and social terms of his use.

Besides, quantitative dynamics of leading antisocil a display of deviant conduct is (correlative) the index of quality (professional) of forming of social thought and, that is why, represents the real social state of society.                                                                                                                 

May, 2012.



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